R&D Research & Development

As printing technologies advance and printers becoming more high performance, printing ink is constantly required to be even more excellent - printing at high speed, high quality, improvement in printability, etc. With the prevalence of packaged products, excellent ink is not only required for decorations but also ink with function and safety is required.

SAKATA INX has fully utilized its core technologies such as dispersion and processing technology and resin synthesis technology to develop high quality and function printing ink. We have deployed globally, but at the same time, we have localized to suit each region to develop and provide what is most suitable for customers. By
utilizing the core technologies in the field of printing ink from the development of functional coating materials and hard imaging materials such as recording materials to soft imaging materials such as image formation and display and high-functional compound materials for use in the electronics industry. SAKATA INX continues to
challenge developing creative technical development.