AGravure Ink product

In the field of flexible Lamination film, our LAMIALL and New PPL ink are most suitable for PET/OPP film, printing which are friendly user with good printability and press performance. Our LAMIALL ink is known for its excellent printability, good mileage.....

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B Flexo Ink product

Our water based flexo ink (FKNM/FKML) is environmental friendly and are highly recommended for its high quality and good printability. Being the leader of flexo ink we are committed to produce a high and reliable quality ink .....
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Sakata Inx (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1993 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sakata Inx Corporation Osaka, Japan.

Founded in Osaka, Japan under the name of Sakata Inx Seizousho in 1896, the company name was subsequently changed into Sakata Inx Corporation in the process of globalization and oversea expansion worldwide. Driven by original research and development.....

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