Gravure Ink product

In the field of flexible Lamination film, our LAMIALL and New PPL inks are most suitable for PET/OPP film, printing which are user-friendly with good printability and press performance. Our LAMIALL ink is known for its excellent printability, good mileage, low solvent retention and high bonding strength which exceeds the requirement of many printers. We also produce the next generation of environmentally friendly gravure ink which is not only non-toluene ink, but also non-toluene/ non-methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) ink and water-based ink.


Flexo Ink product

Our water-based flexo ink (FKNM/FKML) is environmental friendly and are highly recommended for its high quality and good printability. Being the leader of flexo ink, we are committed to produce a high and reliable quality ink which is widely accepted by the printers. Our flexo inks are free from any toxic material or heavy material substance. All the raw materials that we use are complied with negative list regulation of Japan ink maker’s Association and CONEG regulation of USA. Our water-based flexo inks are highly recommended by the electronic and electrical producers.